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LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

What are LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms? 

In mid-2017, LinkedIn launched a new ad type called Lead Generation Forms. This comes in addition to the existing possibilities which are Sponsored Content (there are different formats of this) and Sponsored InMail. We’ve been using the new tool to generate leads since the day of it launched and have

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Online Marketing in Germany

How is Online Marketing different in Germany?

Germany has a population of 80.66 Million of which 89% use the internet. 83% are online every day, 82% use a smartphone but only 30% surf on the internet with their smartphone which is very low compared to other countries. Indeed, Germans are using the internet differently than people in

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LinkedIn Native Video

Native Video Is Finally Coming To LinkedIn

Uploading native video is a feature well known to social media users. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites have offered this capability for years. Not only can you record and upload video content across these networks, their platforms even offer native live video streaming.
Finally, LinkedIn has decided to

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