Digipave is a full-service multi-national marketing agency that will help your company expand its clientele base, by providing tailored online advertising services to gain global exposure. Offering qualitative service to diverse industries worldwide, Digipave tailors its services uniquely to each business, promoting your business success by increasing online exposure.

2Global Offices
We are specialized in the following services:
  • Google Adwords (Google Ads)
  • Social Media Advertising and Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

What makes us unique?
  • Digipave is Israel's leading online marketing agency for entering the German speaking markets- Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  • Digipave helps its customers reach US consumers and businesses alike, mostly through Ecommerce. We work a lot with startups.
  • Digipave works with some of the major global Jewish NGOs and supports them in making a big impact online

How can we help you?

We'd love to hear about your business & see how our team of digital marketing experts can promote your brand.
"I can highly recommend Digipave as an online marketing agency. They bring value both in terms of strategy and execution. They understand the media. Digipave's grasp of the European and the American markets is a real asset. I like them !"
"I started working with Digipave in 2015 and am greatly impressed by their professionalism, dedication and attention to detail."
"Digipave managed two of my Facebook pages for more than three years, bringing them from zero users to thousands." 
"I've personally worked with Digipave and have seen the great work they do. I highly recommend their social media marketing services."